Thanks To Photoshop, a Picture is Not Worth a Single Word

Teenage girls are insecure for a wide variety of reasons and one of these is Photoshop. As having the experience of a teenage girl myself, I understand how hard it can be. Teenage girls are insecure and there is nearly no way around that. Teens feel the need to stride for perfection in everything they do because that is how they feel they will be known and loved. Why would they feel this way? 

Photoshop is the editing of photos to make them look better or more appealing, which is mainly used in digital photography. It was created in 1988 by two men named, Thomas and John Knoll. It used to be used for art and changing the lighting and contrast in photos, but recently it has been popularly used for “retouching” models. Editors defend their photoshopped photos by saying that their magazines are not created to be realistic, but an escape from reality.

According to research nearly 80% of women are unsatisfied with their bodies and a whole 10% have eating disorders. Most women have these issues because of the image they see of women in the media. They want so much to look like a figure and imagine that does not even exist in the real world. They are looking at an image that was artificially created and are being told that is what they are “supposed” to look like.

Teenagers spend about 10 hours and 45 minutes a week doing things like watching TV, browsing the internet, listening to music, and reading magazines. They are constantly being exposed to these images and spend plenty of time comparing these pictures to their own bodies. An entire 42%  of first to third grade girls want to be thinner and this number only continues to increase throughout these girls lives. After talking to a group of 10 year old girls researchers said that 81% of the girls said they were afraid of getting fat.

All of these things are happening to these girls because of the media. Girls want to be thinner, prettier, taller and the list goes on. They are insecure with themselves because of these models that in all reality do not even truly exist.