Colby Simkovic – Athlete Biography

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Zack Gamble

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February 21, 2017

Colby Simkovic is a freshman and a member of the baseball team.

Simkovic has been playing baseball for seven years, but this will be his first year playing on the varsity squad. Since Jefferson did not have a pony team last year, Simkovic played for Waynesburg’s team.

In these 7 years of playing he has made many memories and is very fond of one of them. “It was the first home run I’ve ever had and it was a swinging bunt and I ran all the way around the bases and scored,” said Simkovic.

Simkovic sets goals and tries to achieve them by working hard every day no matter what. Simkovic’s position of choice is second base, but he is willing to play anywhere and be more valuable to the team.

At the start of his high school career he just wanted to be the best he could. “I’m going to practice and try to improve,” said Simkovic. This is how he is working to improve himself and to also reach his goals. He tries his hardest to not mess up or make any errors. 

His inspiration is Babe Ruth. Simkovic said, “He’s the best baseball player in history.” He hopes to be as good as Babe Ruth one day.

He is planning on playing baseball the rest of his high school career. He wants to improve each and every day when he comes to practice. Simkovic thinks if his team doesn’t hang their heads and stay positive this season then they will be good.