Krista McCartney – Athlete Biography

Krista McCartney is a sophomore and a member of the Jefferson Morgan Softball Team.

McCartney has been playing softball for 8 years and claims that her favorite part about playing softball is when they have a victory.

McCartney says that she looks up to the athlete Brittney Lindley, who used to play for the Scarlet Knights, but is now an assistant coach for the team.

She says that she has had softball injuries before. “The girl was going to bunt, then she hit the ball really hard and I thought the ball was in the glove and when I went to get it the ball hit me and broke my hand,” said McCartney,

McCartney thinks that this season will turn out okay and claims that she is competitive against her team-mates.

“I get nervous during the games,” said McCartney. “I don’t know what they are going to turn out like in the beginning and that makes me nervous.”

A memorable and special moment to Krista from past seasons is when she and her team-mates won the WPIAL title last season.