Justin Maddich – Athlete Biography

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Tyler Woolen

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Justin Maddich is a freshman and a member of the wrestling team.

Maddich started wrestling when he was in seventh grade on the twenty-ninth. He has been wrestling for two years.

Maddich answered “Yes it’s a lot of fun,” when asked if he enjoyed wrestling.

Maddich does not wish to have a career involving wrestling when he is older. He answered that if he gets a scholarship with wrestling, he will most definitely play the sport out of highschool.

“I run and play other sports,” Maddich responded when he was asked what he does on his off season.

Maddich is in the 130-140 weight class in wrestling.

Maddich was asked what his most memorable moment was with wrestling, he mentioned “Pinning a kid during my first ever match”.

Kary Kolat is Justin Maddich’s inspiration to wrestle.
“No, I’m just going to take it one match at a time,” Maddich said when he was also asked if he had a certain person or school in mind that he was anxious to compete with.