Teenagers Struggle with Stress Too

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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What adults need to be reminded of about myself and young adults. Many adults need to understand that some people have stress.

Not only do just adults have stress but younger teens do too. Plenty of adults never see or care about stress unless it is their own. I think that adults, (parents also) should think a little more about their child’s mental health instead of anything else. Parents or any adult might think that the child’s mental health is almost nothing, but it is something major they need to look into. Adults need to be reminded that some kids have very much stress on their shoulders and the kid just does not want to talk about it.

Adults should also need to be reminded that teens want to have their “own” experiences.

Teens want to talk about something that they have been through sometimes. They do not exactly want to hear “I’ve been through that too, you’ll be fine” or “You don’t know for sure.” It is the smaller things. Some kids get bullied, they do not want to hear their parents saying that they were too and they will be fine. Most of the time that is false.

Adults should take it a little bit easier on young adults. Sometimes it is not exactly just their fault. It could be their parents fault for raising them a bit differently. No one ever knows until they are in the other person’s shoes. They just need to be reminded to take it easy on kids sometimes.