A Bite Into New Cultures


(Photo Credits via Pxfuel)

On October 24, 2021, Jefferson Morgan’s Jenna Cyr and Jessica Torres are organizing an Ethnic Food Day. 

Cyr and Torres have decided to plan this community project for their leadership class, and to help bring more appreciation to different cultures. This project will take place within the Jefferson-Morgan Elementary School gym and cafeteria from 2 PM-4 PM. Foods from all different cultures from around the world will be brought in for people to sample and enjoy. The foods will be brought from the clubs within the high school. Each club has their own style of food to which they will be bringing. Foods such as Italian, Russian, French, and even more will be included. 

Unfortunately, there will only be enough food to feed around fifty to a hundred people. Each culture will have their own chair and table to eat at. The proceeds of this project will go to the respective club.