Austin DeFrank, Contributor

A project is a lot better than a midterm test. Midterm tests take a lot of time because students have to study for them all the time and stress over whether they’re going to get a good grade or not. Usually midterm tests annoy students because all of the tests are scheduled the same day as other tests and they have to worry about the other tests as well as the bug midterm test that matters a lot. Students have to take time out of their day to study for the midterms test and isolate themselves from distractions in order to study successfully which can be hard to do at times. Projects are a lot better. Projects are usually done in school and there is a rubric handed out so students know if they’re going to get a good grade or not. Students won’t have to take their projects home to do on their free time if they use class time to work on them. Projects usually have a due date that is reasonable unlike tests in which you usually only have a few days to study for. Projects are also a lot less stressful than tests. Projects can be done with a partner so students will be more than likely to get a good grade since they have teamwork; tests aren’t like that at all. If you try to work together with a partner on a test the students will both get zeros because that’s called cheating.