Emotionally Wrecked

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    Tyler Woolen

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    There are many emotions that people have. One that can really affects you would be sadness. Everyone experiences sadness.

    People who always act happy are sometimes sad. People even fake happiness because they are so sad.

    Sadness messes with peoples’ heads very much. Sometimes people get carried away by stress, anxiety, depression and other negative feelings without even thinking that it can affect everyone emotionally and physically. By doing that, it has us lowering our quality of life.

    People stop everything and just look down on everything. If someone is sad, they might take everything or anything the wrong way. They will not look past it and be happy.

    An emotion that affects our daily lives and ourselves in a bad way would be happiness. It is weird to think that happiness could somehow hurt us.

    Some people who are happy will also overlook the negatives and go on. That is good but sometimes it is bad. Someone could overlook everything and not face the right reality. They might not want to move onto real life and what plans it has for them.

    The last emotion that is strongly affects us would be fear. Everybody fears someone or something in this world. Sometimes it is over little things like bugs or scary movies, sometimes it’s with real life.

    There are so many things people are scared of  and it is not good because people are scared to get out into the real world. A lot of people won’t go on planes because of what happened with 9/11. That is a fear, people fear so much and it is not healthy.