Christmas Themed Lip Dub

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    Tyler Woolen

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    Chad J.W. Anderson / Eyeidea

    Jefferson-Morgan will be holding a Christmas Lip Dub video. This will be the second year that the students will be participating in the video. This year a good group of students will see Mrs. Fulks and tell her about who will be in the videos and what songs they will use.

    The video will start in December and be finished some time in January. Two students during different class times will take the camera and record the clips of students singing different parts of different christmas songs. When filming, students do a small dance and get excited for the video and get pumped up.

    A small problem for the video to be recorded will be that some students in the school will not want to be in the video so it will take a bit longer for the full video to get finished. If everyone participates then the video would not take as long.

    When they are all uploading, the students filming will go back to Mrs. Fulks’ room and edit. After editing and merging videos, students will take everyone’s clip, cut it and paste it into the video. After pasting the videos, they will add music and upload it onto the internet to show everyone’s Christmas spirit.