Kambreigha Dudas – Athlete Biography

    Kambreigha Dudas is a sophomore and a member of the varsity cheerleading squad.

    Dudas is most looking forward to spending her Friday nights cheering for the football team. “I cheered my whole life and only ever loved it, but when I quit I was sad, so I decided to join again!” said Dudas.

    Dudas’s favorite memory from the current season is the first game because it was so exciting and she believes a cheerleader is someone who loves and supports their athletes, and their school.

    “My favorite thing about cheering is spending time with the girls, and cheering on the boys,” said Dudas. “I’m proud of representing our school in such a positive way, also having the players enjoy us being there.”

    Dudas believes cheerleaders make a difference in that their job is to cheer up the crowd and get them excited, which then gets the athletes excited as well.

    “The qualities that make me a good cheerleader are my peppy, exciting, and loud attitude. The crowd can hear me and see how much I love what I’m doing,” said Dudas. “The three characteristics that are most important for cheerleaders to posses are they need to be loud in order for the crowd to hear them. They need to be happy because if you’re representing your school you need to be proud, and they need to be excited in order to keep everyone around you excited.”

    For anyone thinking of joining the cheerleading squad Dudas says, “Do it! The friendships are amazing because the girls are so nice, just make sure you really love to cheer.”