Simple and Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall


(Photo Credit via Pinterest)

With the fall season in full swing, many people are beginning to bring out their autumn decorations and some people may be struggling with finding time to decorate. With these simple and effective decoration ideas, anyone can be festive without having to put hours into decorating.

Pumpkins are a wonderful way to make anything feel more festive. Whether they are real pumpkins or not, they can add a lot to a room. Using decor pumpkins as centerpieces is a very popular and easy way to decorate.

Another simple way to make any room more festive is to simply use autumn colors when choosing decor. Changing the color of the throw pillows in a room or even the curtain color can be a simple and effective way to decorate.

An easy DIY that originally came from Pinterest is to simply buy autumn colored flowers from the dollar tree. These flowers can be placed in a mason jar, or any rustic looking jar. These can be used as centerpieces or put anywhere around the house.

Another wonderful decoration that came from Pinterest are the Maple Leaf Mason Jars. This DIY includes collecting leaves and using Mod Podge, or any glue that dries clear, and gluing the leaves to the inside of the jar. Once the inside of the jar is completely covered with leaves and the glue has dried, tea light candles can be placed inside the car to make for a beautiful decoration.

All of these decorations are sure ways to make any room festive for the fall season, but if none of them work, there are thousands of different DIY’s available online.