Krista McCartney – Athlete Biography

    Dennis Garrett

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    Krista McCartney is a senior and a member of the the girls basketball team.

    I enjoy playing with my teammates because we all get along,” said McCartney.

    Some players have something that drive them to play basketball or just like playing. 

    “My parents inspire me to go out their and give it my all because they want to see me go to college and continue to play ball. Another one is my friends, when I make a three pointer the crowd and my friends go crazy. When I mess up, my team and friends are there to pick me up, and tell me to do better next time,” she said. 

    McCartney has started the last two years.

    “I play point guard and shooting guard.  I like playing point guard because when I get stuck in a corner, I will go up and set up a play so we can score,” said McCartney.