Jared Murray – Athlete Biography

    Jared Murray is a sophomore and a team member of the JM Boys Varsity Basketball team.

    This will be the sixth year that Murray has been a member of the team. Basketball is a sport that Murray always wanted to play. Murray also had some of his best moments while on the team.

    “In my sophomore year, the best game I had was against Mapletown, where I scored 12 points.”

    Some of the favorite things that Murray enjoys about basketball are the bus rides home, and the things Murray dislikes about basketball is the running that is involved. 

    “Yes, I like my team, there’s nothing I don’t like about my team. My advice is to just be ready to run.”

    Murray has made a goal for his basketball team, that he wanted the team to make playoffs. What he finds most rewarding about basketball is that he’s able to just play. Throughout the time Murray was apart of this team, he has learned from experience.

    “I learned to let the game come to me, and to not watch the game.”

    Murray truly wants for his team to succeed and make it to playoffs.