Can Students be Educated using Phones?

A question that could be asked by parents and teachers is whether cell phones can be used by students as an educational tool. Phones have the potential, but will the students themselves be willing to?

Some students are willing to use their phones to do their work, but some use it as a tool to be able to distract themselves from the work. The student would be expected to be working on what they were assigned on their phone, but could be procrastinating by doing something else without the parent’s or teacher’s knowledge. The other setback may be the fact that not all websites are supported by phones, and may required to be operated on a PC for greatest quality.

Nowadays, there are more and more assignments being assigned online, in which the usage of computers are required to finish. Even though using a PC has the most requirements necessary to be able to complete most assignments, phones can be used as well, only they are somewhat limited when it comes to the PC.

Another fact is that if a student were to ask a teacher to do their assignments on their phone, then the teacher would expect them to be doing nothing else. Alas, some students may try to counter this system. Unless the teacher were able to tell if they were actually doing their work, the student may not resist the urge to do something other than their work.

Now, some students prefer to use their phones rather than to use a PC because it could be more efficient for them. Different educational websites, such as Kahoot and Study Island, can be used on a phone, and can be much easier than having to log onto a computer, compared to just unlocking the phone, it can be much more time efficient. It can also benefit those who are dedicated to complete their work as well because of how efficient it can be.

The teacher should be the one to decide whether or not a student can use their phone or not. If the student commits enough to the class, they should have the benefit of choice; that they can decide to use their phone for educational purposes or not.

In conclusion, phones themselves can make great educational tools, but how many students are going to be willing to use them for these purposes in the first place? Some may be committed to this, some may not be. It should just be decided upon by the teacher or parent.