Do Apps Help, or Are They Just a Waste of Our Time?

Luke Bates

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People want to know if apps actually help people or rather just waste their time. Apps can be installed on phones by the user. Some of the types of apps that exist include topics such as social media, games, music, education, health, weather, and more.

Now the real question is, do apps actually people’s time? It really just depends on the function of the app. Yes, some apps can waste a person’s time, such as using the app to procrastinate. Even though there are apps that can distract us, there are also apps that help users, such as apps used for educational purposes, and helping people with their own hobbies.

One reason why some apps can be useful is that they offer educational tools. These apps allow their users to be tutored in different subjects, and there are also apps that can let their user learn more about any hobbies that they find interest in. There are also apps that allow the user to read an assortment of books easily, in which it would help the user since they would not have to carry around physical books. Basically, these types of apps are helpful for those who want to learn about academics, hobbies, or even both.

Another reason why apps are able to be useful are because of the messaging apps that allow users to easily message their friends and family. This app lets its users message others with ease and can help with those that would rather prefer to text other than to call. Messaging can be used to quickly plan events as well and can be used for quick conversations in which a call would not be necessary.

Some apps can help the user, but some can just be used by the user so that they can procrastinate. Someone could use an app, such as a game, to procrastinate from doing any important work they may need to be doing at the moment. Some apps can just become overused, in which they may not serve much of a function for the user, other than to have something to do while they are bored.

It should be suggested that users are responsible to be able to limit the amount of time they use apps that the only purpose of them is to procrastinate. Another factor is that companies, if able, could lower prices on useful apps, so that users would have better access to apps that they may need.

In conclusion, there are multiple types of apps in the app store, and it should be decided by the user themselves if the app is useful for them, or if it is just a waste of their own time.