Artificial Intelligence

Robots are becoming more common in our days. They are meant to help with the correct programming. They will be used to care for the elderly, teach our children, and fight in our wars.

This makes the human life expected to last longer because we are not the ones risking our lives to fight our own race. With a robot that could have their minds set up to be connected to the internet. This way they no everything.

This would show them all medical procedures and teaching strategies and be able to calculate any problems instantly.The robots would live among us if they were humans. Helping everyone all the time.

Once humans got used to it artificial intelligence would take over and everything would be automated and humans will not be needed anymore. At that point we would start making life on mars a possibility. We would send robots up to manufacture everything like oxygen renewers or crazy things.

If they become more common we will not be able to tell the difference between the human race and the robot race. If they malfunction they could seriously injure people. They are going to take up a lot of the jobs.

They should use robots for certain tasks that are really dangerous to humans such as fire fighting building bridges and so on.

Robots should come in and take over to make life easier and less harmful to humans.