Art Within The Digital Space

Art is a very subjective term. What may be a masterpiece to one person is a terrible display and waste of time and skills to another. It is unfair to call one thing art and not another. Art is meant to evoke a feeling or emotion out of someone. The ability to bring someone to a desired emotion is what sets video games apart from other media. Not having the traditional limits of things like paintings and movies allows writers to let their imaginations free and designers go crazy. Art isn’t a thing, it’s an experience

The video game industry has given players a plethora of stories and memorable times. There have been plenty of times where people have gotten attachments and bonded with a character, would you not consider this art? They have offered us memorable times of staying up until 3am playing your favorite game, or meeting a new life long friend over a game .The ability to step in someone’s shoes and experience their life and hardships has been a big appeal to making a story tailored to video games.

There are some out there that do not see video games as a legitimate form of art. This is understandable since the traditional form of art is pictures and poems. Video games are a big departure from this “traditional” scope of art. This is a more active form of art, with the ability to interact with the set, plot, and characters of this. It’s sort of like making your own story and playing it out.

If a game is successful then it will attract a community. in this community, there will bound to be some digital artist. Fan art is an extension of the community that the game itself fosters and nurtures. There are some fan made games, art, and animations that genuinely extend upon the lore and contribute to the game in a positive way.

The art of storytelling is one area that the industry thrives in. There are plenty of games out there that evoke strong emotions of sadness, anger, and joy. One of these being Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead, The story follows the character of Lee Everett through the zombie apocalypse. Through this you bond with other supporting characters and survive in this world together. I won’t spoil the ending in case you would like to play it, but it will evoke strong emotions of the before mentioned sadness and anger. There are many other games like this that will leave you crying, laughing, and angry.

There are some who do not consider video games art. There are many outlets that see them as just time wasters and nothing more. This opinion covers some if not all of the children’s games that are available today.

The solution to this is quite simple, there is none. There is no possible way to convince every single person that art can take on many forms. The way in which one may describe it another may completely disregard and call it trash.

The concept of art has been around since the dawn of humanity. This has always been painting on a canvas and posted in museums for generations.