Gage Falcon – Athlete Biography

    Gage Falcon is a sophomore and a member of the Varsity Jefferson-Morgan football team.

    Falcon has played for 4 years now and has enjoyed every moment of it. His jersey number is 53 and he plays guard which is his favorite position. The position he plays requires strength so in order to prepare for it he lifts during the football season and even on his free time. Gage’s goal is to do the best he absolutely he can at his position.

    “Lettering was my favorite memory of my last football Season”, said Falcon. “And I always look forward to going out and playing my best, its always nice to know I’m doing my best”, added Falcon.

    Falcon has been playing football for four years now which means he knows a lot about the sport. Falcon wants to let his underclass men know to, “always work hard and play with your heart”.

    Falcon and the rest of his football team look forward to the rest of this season and hope to finish hard.

    “We may not be the team that is well known, but we do try our best and look forward to work the rest of this season”, said Falcon. “Even if we don’t make it to playoffs,” Falcon added.

    Falcon looks forward to playing with his team and looks forward to the new members that next season will bring. “Be ready to work hard and play hard”, added Falcon.