James Larkin – Athlete Biography

    Andrew Vessels

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    March 23, 2020

    James Larkin is a freshman and a member of the football team.

    As a first-year player, Larkin is looking forward a great year with his teammates. He worked hard to get the defensive end position. The position he plays requires speed and strength to get through the lineman. Larkin’s main goal this season is to get better at blocking.

    “Getting the win against Mapletown felt amazing,” said Larkin. “I’m looking forward to getting more wins like we did against Mapletown.”

    Being a freshman means Larkin has to work hard to get his chances on the field. He is always excited for any chance he has on the field.

    “My inspiration for playing is to keep active,” said Larkin.

    Larkin looks forward to playing so he can get to know show off his strengths and improve on his weaknesses.