Unlocking iPhones

There is talk about a new law allowing the government to unlock iPhones to get information on them. This law seems like it could be beneficial, but also cause a lot of controversy.

I feel like the government is going to know what we are doing, if they want to. They will find a way no matter what. If someone is possibly a danger then yes, they should absolutely go on their phone to find out what they are up to. There is no point in just waiting around waiting for them to do something destructive. Their job is to protect us so if that what it takes to be sure, then that is how it should be.

Stolen phones are also a problem and I think this would be a good way to prevent that from happening. I think that with phone tracking and all of the technology that the government has their hands on, this should be less of a problem. If a phone has a passcode on it and someone is trying to get in it, I think that it is a great idea to have only a certain number of times that the passcode can be put in. Though instead of all of the information being taken off of the phone I think it should be completely shut off and only turned back on after connecting with iTunes; phone theft would be less of a problem.

I can understand that some people might be worried for their privacy, but I think the government is just doing their job. If someone could potentially be a danger, the government should do everything in their power to figure out if they are or not. People should decide whether they are more concerned for their privacy or safety.