A Change Schools Need

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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If I could change anything about my school I would change would have to be some of the things we learn. I would like to learn new things. By new things, I mean stuff that we actually use in the real world.


I would like to learn how to pay taxes and what they are for when I am older. That is a big responsibility for growing up and if you don’t know how to do that, your life will just go down hill.

How to write a resume, cover letter, or anything relating to getting a job. That is also important.

Teachers should teach students how to write checks and balance a checkbook or anything to do with banking. Once the real world hits and you don’t know how to do these tasks, it won’t be too fun.

I also want to learn how to do loans for college, buy a house or a car and how to jump start a car or other emergency things.

That is what I would change about my school. I want to be prepared for the real world and not learn useless things like Pythagorean theorems and things like that.

I want to be able to know how to do important things in life and jobs instead of being blank about it.
Parents usually teach us how to do these things when we’re older, but I think if we learn these things as we grow up, life will be a little bit easier and people will know what to do more.