Misguided Beliefs About Summer

Students always look forward to summer vacation, but once it comes they have no idea what to do.  Most people do not realize there are actually plenty of fun summer activities.

Swimming is the most common thing to do, but there are more places to swim than at the beach or the Waynesburg Water Park. There are plenty of public pools and people travel to the beach all the time, but no one ever thinks about traveling to a lake. Lakes are actually a great place to swim, even though the water can be freezing cold. It is usually a completely different experience than the ocean, and there are all kinds of lakeside attractions. Sometimes it is fun to just go and explore the woods and see nature, which can usually be found very close to lakes. It is also a lot cheaper than going to the beach.

Another activity rather closer to home is an activity suitable for those who enjoy riding quads. Found near Pittsburgh is a mine that people can take their quad or other vehicle down into and ride just like a trail. The only lighting are the riders’ headlights, and there is a tour guide. It is a fun thing to do with the family, and vehicles can even be rented. If you bring your own vehicle it only costs five dollars per person. There are plenty of sights to see, including an underground lake.

Sometimes it is fun to just sit back and relax with family, but it can be fun and healthy to get out there and see the world. People constantly waste their summers because they honestly believe there is nothing to in Greene County, but they are actually just looking in the wrong places. There are plenty of cheap activities to do and adventures to go on in this area, and if anything just take off through the woods. Nature is always interesting.