The Most Dangerous Emotion

The most dangerous emotion is love. Love is the most dangerous emotion that someone can experience because it is a combination of nearly all emotions. Love has so many layers to it in a sense that emotions can change so quickly. The people in the relationship can feel so many emotions within just a day and could ruin their own self esteem.

When fist in love all that is felt is happiness and joy usually. The two in the relationship are in love with each other and want to be together all the time and are feeling complete joy. Things can change from happiness to anger very fast. The other person in the relationship may do something to anger the other and it could end the happiness very suddenly and abruptly.

After the anger may come sadness that the situation happened or that the other person could ever do something as they did. They may wish that it had never happened and they may not be upset anymore and forgive the other person. They may feel jealousy, anger, forgotten, regret, and so many more.

Another danger of love is losing yourself by getting so infatuated with the other person. People spend their entire lives trying to find themselves and make sense of things. Many people begin to find themselves then fall in love and completely lose themselves again. Being in a relationship often changes those in it so after it is over they may have to reevaluate themselves, which is a hard thing to do.

Love is the most dangerous emotion because there is no way to tell what emotion is coming next. It could be extreme happiness or crippling sadness. It could possibly be the most emotional situation a person can go through in their life.