Are Tests a Good Testing Method?

I think test are inaccurate for student success. If students are like me they can get all the answers right on the homework but end up getting stressed and missing some on the tests. When I am doing my homework I am worry free because if I miss some it does not matter. Although, when I am taking a test I overthink things because I can’t afford to miss anything. I then second guess myself and end up choosing the wrong answer. If some students are like my mom who sweat and completely freak out during a test it could be unfair on them. Others stay up for hours on end just trying to memorize and practice on how to do certain materials.

Students get worried, nervous, and stressed for tests so they end up having a difficult time. I know people who are quite smart yet are bad at taking tests. One of my friends had really not done their homework, copied off of other people but still ended up with a higher grade on the test. This is only because she is a better test taker than I am. Test gets people to think they are doing everything wrong just because they are frightened.

I think the teacher should have their students go up to board and do a problem, fixing grammar or whatever and how well they do is their grade. This way not only can teachers help their students more to see what the issues are, but also to get students a less stressful, and nerve-racking experience. This way if the teacher was to build on the material the student would not be struggling even more.  The teacher then would not have to take a ton of work home. The student is not completely worried just because they are bad at taking tests and everyone is happy.