Art Clubs Sole Senior Member

Jacob Van Divner

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Art Clubs Sole Senior Member

Sydney Kovach is a senior member of the JM art club.

“I just have a love for art. I love to create things,” said Kovach. Sydney is a two year veteran of the art club and its only senior member. As a senior, she has a bit of a leadership role for any of the younger kids or people who have just joined this year. She will be looking to help out where she can and pass down any tricks she may have learned last year.

“I like to show all the different things I can do with art, and the Art Shows.”  Sydney is planning on making the most sought after piece in the Art Show and bring in at least fifty dollars this year. She is not sure what she will be creating for the show, but it will be on display along with her colleges pieces in the art show scheduled for sometime in May. 

Sydney is following her artistic passion as the sole senior on the JM Art Club.