My President P.O.V

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Savannah Saesan

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I am not interested in the candidates for presidency. It does not interest me because I have not learned anything about it. My family really does not talk about politics so it is not something usually brought up. I think I would be interested in it if I knew more about voting, and who really to choose, and who not to choose. I myself do not know really anything about any of the candidates, and when I do talk about it I get quite bored with it. Many people talk about it, and I usually do not understand what they are telling me. Talking about something that will not affect me until later does not necessarily perk my interests. From what I hear, and actually understand is some people do not even like anyone. I do not want people to vote for a bad person because that is all that they have to vote for.  Our country needs something good to happen to it, and a bad person in office will not help. Although I am not really interested in the candidates for the presidency I would like to know more about them because when it comes close for me to vote they will be in office. I would like to know more about what the president actually does, and how much they will affect me. I would also like to know what makes a good president to a bad president, to make sure I am fully sure of my choice. I am sort of interested in the candidates but I really do not know anything about them. I do not even know which ones are top picks and why or who are at the bottom and why.