Students Should Be Able To Leave Campus During Lunch

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Joshua Wise

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Some students believe that they should be allowed to leave campus during their lunch time to get food and drinks from other places outside of school. Student drivers would be able to go places like Italian Boys and pick up pizza. Students who wanted to walk could go to Belko Foods and come back.

Students should be able to leave campus and get food during their “break” because not all students enjoy the lunches that are served at JM. If students don’t enjoy lunch, then then they should have the opportunity to leave campus to get lunch elsewhere.

Of course, there are some downsides to letting students leave campus. For instance, students may leave and not come back. Although, there could be policies put into place where students who don’t return to school could have the privilege revoked. 

Students who don’t like eating a school lunch or eating the same packed lunch everyday would have more choices. If they could leave campus they could get a more enjoyable lunch.

In the end, students and parents should have the choice to decide whether they should be allowed to leave or not.