Coronavirus has struck the NBA


Photo Credit via ABC 7 Chicago

As we are all stuck in our homes due to the coronavirus outbreak and the NBA has suspended their season, there is still a lot going within the league. Multiple players, as well as staff, have been tested and tested positive for the coronavirus. Including 2x defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert who was the first NBA player who was officially diagnosed with the coronavirus. The NBA is testing all players and staff members being the game has a lot of contact and verbal communication. There are a total of seven players and two staff members both of whom work for the Denver Nuggets organization.

Two of these players who tested positive were undisclosed members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Another player who tested positive is Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics and four players on the Brooklyn Nets one of these being injured all-star Kevin Durant. These players, as well as many other players, are warning fans that this is no joke and that they need to take precautions and listen to what government officials tell them.