The New “FIDs Day”


Photo Credit via Marsk12

On February 7th, the Jefferson Morgan School District had their first emergency “FIDS” Day whenever a heavy snow had covered the ground and kept all kids indoors for the day. 

The name “FIDs” is only an acronym for the topic “Flexible Instruction Day”. The meaning behind “FIDs” is students that are home because of whether conditions can do their work at home instead of in school. Although, if students don’t do their work on “FIDs Day ” and the work is not completed in five or less days then it will be marked as a 0 and counted as an unexcused absence. 

Some benefits to having a “FIDs Day” are that students could work on the work at home instead of school and it can count as a day off. Also, students will keep their long breaks since no more days will have to be taken off their breaks. Another reason “FIDs Day” is a good option is because instead of students sitting around or playing outside like a traditional school day they will be continuing their education and will not forget what they are learning over their days off.

Some cons of having a “FIDs Day” are students who do not do their work in the five days given to them will be given an unexcused absence. This absence may hurt students who skip school because with the new policy students with a certain number of absences will be given lunch detention or may even have to see the magistrate. Lastly, with how the weather here in South Western Pennsylvania is students may not be able to enjoy snow days anymore because they will be consumed by their work for “FIDs Day”. 

The “FIDs Day” can be a good thing and a bad thing for students, teachers, and faculty members, but in the end this is our future of schooling in the modern era. There will most likely be changes to the “FIDs Day” to make it better for everyone .