Looking Forward to Summer

(Photo Credit) Aubrey Holliday

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Looking Forward to Summer

During the school year everyone is excited and ready for summer to begin. As senior it just all seems so strange. Seniors are all excited for summer also but it’s not the same. It’s a summer that they’ll always remember and will spend doing some things for the last time.

Seniors do so many different things during the summer before college starts. Some want to go out and get a job to save money to spend once they’re off to college. Not a lot of college freshman want to get a job that first year because they want to focus on their studies or even trying to make friends. Other seniors decide they want to spend their summer hanging out and doing as much as they can with all their friends they may or may not get to see or spend time with again.

By the end of the school year it also doesn’t feel like after the summer that seniors never have to come back to high school. It all goes by so fast and it doesn’t seem real. The last couple of weeks are always the hardest because everyone wants to be done with school for the year but it’s bittersweet for the seniors to be saying goodbye.

Summer was always my favorite thing to think about when it came to school. I got so excited to be gone without school for three months but I knew that I’d be back with all my friends and teachers soon enough. Realizing that, that will never happen again is difficult to think about. I can’t believe I will be graduating in two weeks and high school will all just be a memory.