Pro-Player Spotlight: Daniel Jones


(Photo Credits via ESPN)

This week in pro-player spotlight! Danny Dimes is back at it once again.

Daniel Jones the draft pick that was confusing at the time, because no one knew who this guy was that was drafted so high,is beginning to be compared to a younger Tom Brady. He has consistently been able to deliver performances that are well above his pay grade. Jones will have a rather tough time in these upcoming weeks because of the injury bug that is going around the New York Giants.

RB Saquon Barkley (ankle), WR Sterling Shepard (concussion), TE Evan Engram (knee), RB Wayne Gallman (concussion) (via Adam Schefter)are all out for the upcoming patriots game. The only real threat they have on offense is Golden Tate, their only healthy wide receiver, who has had a disappointing start to the year.

We will all just have to see how this dynasty will be reborn under the new guidance of Daniel Jones.