Draft Day Dilemmas


Brandon Lawrence, Editor

Well, it looks like the biggest time of the NFL offseason has come and gone. the draft was about as exciting as you’d expect with many of the top prospects going exactly where you thought but one of them falling all the way to the second round. Kyle Trask went in the second round and he was actually expecting to be the number 8 pick by some analysts.  This is a very fun draft to watch and if you missed it I would highly suggest you go to the ESPN website to watch a full Draft breakdown. there were some unexpected traits some players slipped, some players appeared out of nowhere to be drafted very highly. with that being said let’s get into what we are to talk about today and that is a few teams and what this draft meant for them. 

Let us start this off with a moment of silence for Trevor Lawrence,  this poor soul is doomed to eternal Jacksonville purgatory. The Jacksonville Jaguars picked him up with your very first pick of the 2021 draft and he actually seemed excited about it. The Jags also picked up Travis Etienne, Lawrence’s running back from his time at Clemson. It seems like the time of Allen Robinson in Jacksonville is coming to a close so we will see if he is released or traded.  the Jacksonville Jaguars offense just got Leaps and Bounds better but with recent tire sales off the defense, it is going to be hard for them to make a playoff run. It seems they are still deep into the rebuilding process and it will be a few years before they are even playoff contenders. The old saying goes offense makes highlights defense wins games the next biggest team that our readers would care about would actually be the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers decided to pick up the running back  Najee Harris.  He’s a big strong power back out of Pittsburgh so it is a natural fit for both parties. The Steelers did not pick up a quarterback which is puzzling as Big Bend is more than likely on his last season and the backup they currently have and Dwayne Haskins is not ready to lead a franchise in any way shape or form. The future of the Steelers is very uncertain but their front office has always been able to steer them in the right direction so we will have to see how this develops.  That being said I do not see the front office being able to deal with their cap situation. They very nearly had to LEDs a vast majority of their star players walk because there simply wasn’t enough money to go around to pay all of them. they simply put a Band-Aid on a leaking Hoover Dam and the dam is still cracking and crumbling all around them. The playoffs aren’t going to be something that they are going to see for the foreseeable future in my opinion but of course, we will have to see how it plays out come regular season.

My personal favorite team the Indianapolis Colts drafted very well this season! they picked up two defensive ends in rounds 1 and 2 with both of them being quick agile pass-rushers but still very strong and a force to be reckoned with. The Colts also picked up another backup quarterback in Sam Ehlinger out of University Texas. He had a very explosive College season so I’m not surprised you got drafted but I did not expect the Colts to pick him up. the Colts have a very strong offense and defense and I expect them to go late into the playoffs.

This is definitely going to be a season to remember and I will keep you as updated as I am!