Students Sell Cupcakes to Support School Star Program

Mrs. Cochran’s Life Skills class sold Thanksgiving cupcakes to raise money to purchase gifts for the Christmas Star program.

Students decided on the look, flavor and price for the cupcakes.  Cupcakes were sold for $2 each and came in two flavors- chocolate and vanilla. Students took orders, tallied the number of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and then delivered them during afternoon enrichment on Thursday, November 15.

Proceeds from the sale went towards buying a Christmas gift for a child in need. The class began the sale for this very reason, and chose to sell cupcakes because the class figured they would sell well within the school.

According to Mrs. Cochran, students in the class said the most fun part of making the cupcakes is “coming up with the decorations for the cupcakes.”

On December 10, Mrs. Cochran accompanied students on a trip to Walmart to select gifts for their Christmas Star.  Students learned about budgeting and the joy of giving.