JM Announces 2019-2020 Course Selection Sheet

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Makenzie Wright – Editor-in-chief

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The 2019-2020 school year course selection sheet has been sent out to all students. Mrs. Herald will visit every grade in their English class varying from February 25th until March 4th. An extended list of these dates can be found in your school email, sent by Mr. Robinson.

Each student is expected to take eight credit classes. Freshmen must take an English, a math, a social studies, and a science, and also four elective classes. Sophomores have the same requirements, but juniors have more of a selection. As long as a student has completed four Math, English, and Science classes, as well as three years of social studies, their selection may be broad.

Seniors have the opportunity to leave school after 4th period for reasons such as work release or to obtain college class credits. Any questions about either of these things can be answered by Mr. Robinson.