Ayanna Davis

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June 20, 2016

Scheduling courses online is very helpful now compared to what we use to have. Here at Jefferson Morgan we would write on a piece of paper what classes we wanted to take and give them to our guidance counselor. It was always so hectic because if you didn’t turn in your papers by a certain date your classes would be picked for you. It was always so crazy because you would never know what classes you were taking until a few days before school, when you could pick up your schedule.

This year we have everything all nice and organized. We are given a piece of paper we write down what we want to take and we hand it in. We schedule a day  where we go and insert our choices into the computer ourselves so we know what we are taking. This is better because we get to prepare ourselves for next year.

Overall this is super helpful and it makes things easier. You can prepare yourself during the summer. Even though most people don’t really prepare for school in the summer, myself included but this does give us the opportunity if we wanted to. It is definitely a step up for our Jefferson Morgan