Recently, our school finished scheduling and I think it is a very exciting thing. I am very excited for my sophomore year and the classes I will be taking. I am excited to be taking Journalism 2 and learning more about Journalistic writing and contributing to the Rocket Reporter. I am also very excited about taking more writing classes and becoming a better writer. I love being able to look forward to more opportunities to write.

Next year I am also taking Honors English, which I am also very excited about because I love English. I began to love English in middle school because of how much I began loving to write and I would get excited when I learned how to write a new way or learned new words to use in my writing.

I do wish that our school had more elective options because it sometimes feels like we do not have a whole lot of options. Like I said earlier, I love to write and even though I am only a freshman I already feel like I am running out of writing classes to take and that really bums me out. I want to have a career in the writing or English field and I want to take as many classes as possible. I know that it is a hard thing to try and get more of when our school only has so many rooms and teachers, but I really wish there were more options,

Scheduling online seems quite quick and easy so it is very nice, but I have never really done it any other way so I do not know what it was like before. I assume that scheduling online makes it much easier for the teachers and administration as well.