Behind the Curtain of “Little Shop of Horrors”

Catherine Diamond

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(Photo Credits via Lauren Pahler)

On March 16 through March 19, the Jefferson-Morgan Drama Club had performed their version of “Little Shop of Horrors”.

“Little Shop of Horrors” is about how a flower shop assistant, during an eclipse, discovers an unusual plant of which he gives the name Audrey II, after a co-worker.  However, this plant seems to only feed upon both human flesh and blood. Fortunately, this growing plant begins to attract a large amount of interest as more business comes to the struggling store. The shop assistant then feeds a co-worker’s boyfriend to the plant after his accidental death. Although, the assistant seemingly must come up with more bodies for the plant as it has become increasingly blood-thirsty.

The reactions for this play have been seemingly incredibly positive throughout the community. The Drama Club has been complimented on their hard work and dedication to the amazing play.

The main leads for this play were Grace Black and Josh Jacobs. However, the other characters were played by JT Eggleston, Cole Burkett, Elsa Roberts, Lauren Pahler, and Julia Cox.

Unfortunately, this will be the last play within this school year. However, the Drama Club will continue for the next school year.