Backstage of the Spring Concert

Catherine Diamond

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September 23, 2022

(Photo Credits via Grace Black)

On May 5th, the Jefferson-Morgan’s band and chorus withheld it’s annual spring concert at Jefferson-Morgan High School.

The annual spring concert was held in the Stanley Fowler Auditorium at 7:00 PM. The students played approximately three songs which lasted to around an hour after the start time. Parents, students, faculty, and others were allowed and welcomed to be in attendance for this concert. The concert consisted of both the concert band students and the chorus students. Those include both the middle and the high school students. The students have been preparing for this concert throughout the entire school year. This concert beautifully showcased the time, hard work, and effort in which these students had put into their performance.

These students have been taught and led by Dana Svensson. Unfortunately, this will be the last spring concert for many of the seniors who have been apart of the band throughout their high school experience.