It’s Time to Party!

Devin Villarreal

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Graduation parties have always been a great get together after a students graduation from high school.

These typically take place in the summer in the months of June and July. The student usually invites family, friends, and sometimes teachers that the student worked with for all the years in high school. These parties can take place at someone’s home, at a park, an event space, and many more locations.

At the party there is typically food, games, and great conversations going on all day. It is also tradition to decorate for this party. Streamer and graduation hat decorations usually hang around, as well as new or old photos of the student throughout the years.

It is also custom for people to drop advice slips or small gifts into a container for the student to receive after the party. This is to show how proud others are of the student and to wish them to take their advice and have a good future.

Graduation parties are a staple of graduation celebration and will continue to be one for years to come.