School Shootings

Dennis Garrett

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A social issue that is of concern to students would most likely be school shootings. School shootings would be one of these type of events occur all over the world today. Not only do shootings occur in high school, but they also happen at colleges. There was one not too long ago at Texas Southern University. During the shooting, One person died, and the other was just injured.

Shootings could affect college students because they could be coming from somewhere out of state. These shootings could possibly scare them and not want to attend the college anymore. High school students could really be affected by shootings. Then these incidents could be a problem because innocent kids could be shot, and possibly killed at such a young age. The students could be scared or nervous and not want to come back to school and just become home schooled. Also these shootings can make students paranoid and pretty much be scared of everyone because they’ll always be alert of the people around them.

Shootings are a student issue because this happens to innocent teachers/kids all over the world. Some schools have got security at their schools. For example they use metal detectors, wands, and etc. These issues became so bad that kids have to be checked and waved down every day because of these incidents that happen. So this would have to be one of the biggest social issues that are concern of high school / college students. So these are the reasons why high school/college students can have issues with school.