Diari Davis – Athlete Biography

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

Diari Davis is a sophomore and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan Boys basketball team.

Diari is a center for the Jefferson-Morgan Rockets boys basketball team and likes to play hard on the court.  Diari was asked what his favorite and least favorite thing about basketball is and he said “I like to go hard in the paint, I may not score often when I do so, but I at least get an assist. I dislike running. I was injured last year and couldn’t play and boy is the injury keeping me down. I’ll get over it though.”

Diari’s fans are his grandparents and his mother. They show up to as many games as they can to watch and cheer for Diari. “My mom comes to as many games as she can and so do my grandparents. I love them dearly and am happy that they come to my games. When I see family at my games I play extra hard because I like to show off.”

Diari looks forward to getting play time this year since he couldn’t last year. Diari is excited to be a part of the team.