Devin Stoneking- Athlete Biography

    Devin Stoneking is a senior and a member of the boys basketball team.

    Stoneking has been playing basketball much of his life, and has participated all four years of high school. He is the starting shooting guard for the team, and enjoys this position because it gives him more opportunities to have an open shot. 

    “My favorite team to compete against is West Greene,” said Stoneking. “I am friends with most of their players, so we always have a good time.”

    Stoneking has a personal goal to have as much fun as possible. He wants to enjoy his senior year more than any other year because it is his last and should be the most memorable. 

    “If I had to choose on person I looked up to the most on the team, it would be Coach Garrett,” said Stoneking. “He always picks me up when I am in a slump.”

    One of Stoneking’s favorite basketball memories is when the team won over their rival Carmichaels during his sophomore year. The game was at a home game, as well as senior night, making the win a little sweeter.

    “If I had to offer advice for anyone who wants to play basketball, I would tell them to be prepared to get in shape and listen to what you’re told to do,” said Stoneking.