Austin Geho – Athlete Biography

    Austin Geho is a senior and a member of the varsity football team.

    Geho takes on the positions of running back, wide reciever, cornerback, and safety.

    Geho is a past member of the West Greene Pioneers and he can’t wait to, “watch West Greene stomp people”.

    Geho has been playing football for 12 years counting this season and still wears number 24 while on the field.

    “My coach from little league recommended the number to me in first grade and I’ve stuck with it ever since,” said Geho.

    He prepares for the regular season during the off season by a lot of training and lifting at the field house. Together him and one of teammates lay down plays and grow better with each others help.

    “My favorite part about football is just playing the game in general,” said Geho. “I also love making my friends and family proud,” added Geho.

    His biggest rival is the California Trojans.

    “I can’t wait to play the Trojans,” said Geho. “It should be a great game.”

    Geho is a returning letter man and hopes to letter again this year.