Public or Student Wi-Fi?

Madelyn Van Divner

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July 18, 2016

Jefferson-Morgan should open Wi-Fi for the students to use because they allow students on their phones at some points during the day this would just make it easier for them.

As of right now we are allowed to use them if the teacher gives us  permission and we are able to use them during lunch. If they were to give us Wi-Fi it would cut down the students data usage. This would help not only the students but also the parents because the cell phone reception here isn’t that strong so it takes a lot of data just to load some of the things on the apps.

Another reason why we should have Wi-Fi is that we could use our phones for school purposes, instead of going and getting laptops or taking the whole class to the lab would all just use our phones for research. There are a lot of school related apps on our phones with the Wi-Fi we could  download them and use them in school to help us with our work.

They also have apps that help you study. For example they have an app called Quizlet. It is a free app that lets you make your own set of flashcards. You can make a group for each class and then have different sets of cards for each section that you are going over.

Open Wi-Fi in general would just be a great opportunity for this school, it would make a lot of things easier for students and staff.