Brooke Weir

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The end of senior year has finally approached. During my time at Jefferson-Morgan I have made many different friends and became involved in many different activities. The biggest thing that I will miss from Jefferson-Morgan is the home feeling. Each and every teacher has gone out of their way to not only instruct their students, but make them feel like family. Every activity and class has their own little family, but the school has a whole is one big family. I will miss not showing up here and hanging out with my friends, but high school is just the beginning. I am excited to begin my next chapter in life and see where it takes me.

To any upcoming students, I strongly urge to get involved in as many things as possible. Being involved in all of these sports and clubs made my time at Jefferson-Morgan worth while. It was a great high school experience and I will not forget it.

Thank you JM for giving me all of these amazing memories that I will never forget!