Saving Little by Little


(Photo Credit via courtesey graphic.)

Saving money for any duration of time or amount of money is more important than what you may think. Everything adds up no matter how little the amount if you give it enough time. If you were to save a dollar a day for a year, you will have an extra $365 by the end of that year. There are many methods that people have been using for decades to save extra money. Some specific methods include storing your change away for later after spending any cash, saving a dollar a day, or after every paycheck put away a set amount.

If you buy a lot of things with cash, those coins will add up much quicker. It is important to remember that any coin is worth saving because it could amount to a grand total. Some people have saved thousands of dollars throughout their lifetime by keeping coins. If you were to save a dollar a day, you can save up to $365 a year. Losing a dollar a day will be something trivial that you will not notice or need, but after saving them all up it will amount to something much bigger and helpful. Another method is to save a certain amount of money from each paycheck. You can just leave $20 aside and not touch it for every paycheck. Even if you get paid minimum wage, $20 every two weeks shouldn’t hinder anyone too much. If you get paid biweekly and save $20 each time, you will accrue $40 a month or $480 a year.

Any of these methods could amount to something much bigger and helpful than spending it as soon as you get it.