Necessities of Nutrition for a Student Athlete

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Through the world of sports it is very clear that work ethic is the biggest deciding factor of an athlete’s career.

Although many people view work ethic as lifting weights and continuous practice, possibly the most important factor is nutrition.

As an athlete, nutrition can be one of the most vital necessities, even though it almost always goes unnoticed. Nutrition  is very important to an athlete because food provides energy to perform at a certain level and also effects strength, training, and rate of recovery.

One of the most important food groups to an athlete is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the best quick energy source for any person, especially an athlete that needs constant energy. Although picking the best carbohydrates can be quite challenging. A couple of the best sources for quick energy and clean carbohydrates are sweet potatoes, oats, bananas, and wild rice.

Arguably, the second most important food group to an athlete is protein. Proteins play a very important role on a daily basis in an athlete’s life. Protein has many crucial jobs for the body as it helps build and repair body tissue. Although proteins majorly focus on building and repairing muscles, they also play an important part in energy and muscle preservation .

Proteins can be found in almost every food but foods such as eggs, poultry, seafood, dairy, and nuts all have a clean abundance of protein to properly fuel the body.

It is important that athlete’s take their nutrition very seriously so they live a healthy lifestyle and are able to perform at the highest ability possible.