To Paint or to Carve? Which Will You Choose?

Halloween is a festive holiday where spooky treats and decorations are put out for the trick or treaters.

One of the most important decorations is the carving or decoration of a pumpkin.  Pumpkins can be carved, painted, or anything. Options  are unlimited as long as your imagination is involved and maybe a knife or paint kit.

There are so many ways to ease the difficulties of carving pumpkins by using these tips the first step is to draw or shape your outline first and make sure it is well seen. It is best to make little mistakes at first because it is changeable. Secondly, think outside the box, there is so many options to choose from. thirdly, if wanting a more detailed pumpkin carve instead of carving possibly consider shaving. It is a process, but it is best to patient and take all the time needed to make sure when is done is done.

Even though carving is a a popular way to express art, there are other options like painting. There are some of the same tips and steps as carving but it starts the same way. Make sure the pumpkin is angled and not going anywhere from the spot it is in. Make sure everything is traced out in the way wanted and allow room for more added details. Thirdly, just take your time.