Regular Pizza or Fruit Pizza?

Catherine Diamond

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(Photo Credits via PxHere)

(Photo Credits via PxHere)

Within the summer season, picnics and barbecues become a constant. Many different types of foods, desserts, and fruits are frequently brought and enjoyed. However, a perfect mixture of these three would be a fruit pizza. A fruit pizza provides a sweet, fresh flavor. Also, it is incredibly easy to give out due to the way it is cut.

This great and easy dessert is perfect for summer. The process is incredibly simple to follow along too. Also, it provides such great flavors for the summer weather. This dessert includes incredibly delicious fruit while bringing in such a sweet flavor from both the icing and the crust. With this dessert, there are only eight ingredients in total. However, this recipe takes slightly more than two hours in total. The ingredients include sugar cookie dough, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, apple jelly,  and cut fruit. The type of fruit is able to be changed, but the listed fruits are kiwifruit, fresh strawberries, and fresh or frozen blueberries. To start, it’s needed to spread cookie dough onto a pan and cook till done. Then, after cooling, spread the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla mixture on top. After completion, place cut fruit onto the pizza. Then, allow it to chill for at least one hour. 

This dessert can be cut into squares for easy distribution and consumption. There is more information on this recipe on  This recipe includes specific measurements along with photos to guide. Also, it provides tips to help the outcome of this great dessert.