Into the Pages of “Turtles All the Way Down”

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Turtles All the Way Down which is a young adult novel written by John Green. It was published in 2017, and it is fictional. The story focuses upon 16 year old Aza Holmes, who struggles with mental illness. While she is still currently mourning her deceased father, she continues to grow her relationship with a childhood friend. However, she and her best friend, Daisy, are currently looking for his missing father.

This novel leads the reader inside the mind and thought process of a high school students dealing with both OCD and anxiety. It showcases her struggles with daily activities that are seemingly simple such as eating, talking, and simply existing. Also, it dives into the path of searching for a missing billionaire, while she builds a relationship with his son. Although it has intense moments, it also shares the intimate moments between herself, her mom, and her friend. The novel brings forth insight of how dealing with a mental illness can becoming completely consuming of oneself. It can also bring a sort of comfort for those who have been struggling with similar experiences. Although this book may be short and more simple compared to others, it can bring an intense personal connection that other books may not have. There are also moments with comedic relief along with happier moments. It’s an intense yet easy flowing novel to read.

This novel has been Green’s fifth solo book to be released. He has had other books adapted into movies, and although it’s been five years since it’s publishing date, this novel has also been adapted into a movie. The production of the movie had finished in June of 2022, but the premiere date has yet to be publicly released. More information behind the author and more of Green’s books can be found on his personal website.